Oakland Raiders: Week In and Week Out, the Title Changes Hands

The reason the NFL is the biggest sport in the USA is because you have no idea what team is going to be on top from week to week.  I only can imagine how let down many Oakland Raider fans were when they watched the Raiders' poor game-day performance against the Steelers.

The only true worries we all should have about this week's game is the fact that we are being exposed at the weak parts of our team.  Tom has duck-taped together the offensive line and special teams just well enough to make it to where we are today.  The problem with this is as we move deeper into the playoff picture teams will work even harder to expose every little weakness of their opponent. 

Talking to a couple buddies that play for the Steelers, I only had one question: What is your team's game plan this week?  They said "The game plan was to blitz the offensive line and the rest would play out." I wish I could have access to this kind of information while I was still playing, it would have made all the difference in the world.

The game plan of the Steelers seem to work just the way they planned, blitz, blitz and blitz again, and things did fall right in their favor. 

Let's be honest, Raider Nation, today we just got an old-fashioned butt-kicking, nothing more, nothing less. The Raiders came out flat and the Steelers jumped on us quick. We all know by now if you give a team a chance to beat you, they will.

Besides the great pressure that the Steelers put on the Raiders offensive line, the Steelers didn't do anything magical to beat us. Every single chance the Steelers had to win the Raiders gave them. 

Some might be worried, but I hold my ground when I tell you that this is the way the NFL is played.  The Raiders have showed us and everyone else that they are a team ...

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