Oakland Raiders Week 16: Pressures, Hurries and Knockdowns

The Raiders head into this weekend's contest with Indianapolis in a familiar must-win position. Every game from here on out represents an elimination game for the Raiders, and even if they beat the Colts there is no guarantee of a playoff spot.

The Raiders are currently 5-0 in their division, but their overall record is only 7-7. While obviously able to take care of business in their own neighborhood, the Raiders have been lost when straying outside the suddenly friendly confines of the AFC West.

In order for the Raiders to make the playoffs, the following has to happen:

They must beat the Colts and then the Chiefs in their last two games, putting them at 9-7.

The Chiefs absolutely must lose to the Titans in Arrowhead this Sunday; and the Chargers must lose one of their two final games against the Cincinnati Bengals (3-11) or the Denver Broncos (3-11).

If the Raiders lose to the Colts, the Chiefs beat the Titans or the Chargers win out, it's all over for Oakland's playoff hopes this season.

The Colts went through a midseason swoon when Peyton Manning decided to channel his old nemesis Ryan Leaf and throw more TDs to his opponents than his teammates. But he's over that funk now, and back to his old gesticulating, jumpy self behind center.

Can another cheesy commercial for a crappy product be far behind?

The Colts are also in a must-win position, having to win out in order to ensure their seventh straight AFC South title and a chance at the playoffs.

With that in mind, I give you this week's pressures, hurries and knockdowns, Raider style.

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