Oakland Raiders’ Week 13 Stock Report

The Oakland Raiders' Week 13 stock report highlights two unassuming top performers and a pair of defensive backs tumbling for different reasons.

Raider Nation should list Sunday's referee crew at the top of the stock list. According to Tennessee Titans interim head coach Mike Mularkey, via Jim Wyatt of Titans Online, the NFL acknowledged the defensive holding call on Titans cornerback B.W. Webb as a bad call.

The officials called the penalty on the opposite side of the field, away from quarterback Derek Carr's incomplete pass into double coverage to wide receiver Andre Holmes on fourth down.

Questionable calls occur in virtually every game, and Sunday’s contest presented another example.

Most of us watch games from our televisions with the benefit of slow-motion replays. Officials must make judgment calls in real time, which results in imperfections.

On Sunday, a judgment call swayed the outcome in favor of Oakland. Nonetheless, Raiders fans, players and coaches will take this win in stride.

As far as outcomes within the players’ control, two unheralded talents came up big on each side of the ball. Penalties on cornerback T.J. Carrie and defensive end Khalil Mack aided the Titans on their last two scoring drives, but a resilient Raiders team found a way to pull out the victory. 

Who’s rising and who’s falling in this week’s stock report?

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