Oakland Raiders: We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Cheer You To Success

A Tale before Christmas—A Pep Talk

Not many people teach on Christmas Eve.  I do because of the Winter session at the two year college in Texas.

If you have a wish for the holidays, then believe me I have a big wish too. All some of us want for the holiday is a bunch of victories to end the 2010 season in an upbeat fashion.

When I look at the Indianapolis Colts' record, I know, realistically, that the Oakland Raiders are going to have to stay on top of the situation.

One writer suggested that the fate of the Kansas City Chiefs is related to the fate of the Oakland Raiders. Well, since that is the case, unfortunately, some of us want the Chiefs to mess up this weekend.

It's long overdue. The Raider Nation needs a boost, an upset, and a series of events to redeem the image of the team, and the worth of the franchise.

So what do we do? We squeeze our eyes, tight. We make a wish. We hope and pray that something remarkable happens this weekend.

We hope that the Oakland Raiders have an iota of the drive and determination some of us have to keep hoping and writing, thinking and praying for fewer blackouts, and a powerful ending to the saga about the Oakland Raiders in the 21st century.

My original motivation for writing was to inspire some of the senior Oakland Raiders who have had some medical or other struggles in their life after football.

My hope was that the Oakland Raiders would be strengthened and restored, quickly, so that some of those guys would have a little joy near the end of their journey.

Jack Tatum is gone. George Blanda is gone. Many, many others are still hanging in there.

Well, oldtimers, have a happy holiday season.

What did you say? Oh, I hear you: All you want for Christmas is a victorious ending in 2010.

Will it happen? Maybe.

It may go like this:

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders