Oakland Raiders: We All Fall Short of Perfection and Need Redemption

The beat goes on. The temptations and challenges continue in the lives of young Oakland Raiders and other NFL players.

For example, Rolando McClain is young and already he has been sued and shot at during offseason. It would be nice to see what good things he has done to let us know that he and others are going to be better and more responsible citizens and Oakland Raiders.

Of course, our expectation is a postive and productive career for this generation of players, yet we know that we all fall short, one way or another.

This article is inspired by Vaden's fine article. His work and that of Mr. X add dimension to the BR site. Since this is a forum, there can be opportunities to discuss proposition P, and the negation of P, not matter how you define P.  

Here is an article (re-visited) which lists some guys and their past challenges:

The Article Re-visited

Why don't we try a little tenderness and report more NFL good news.

Surely, there are NFL players who help elderly persons cross the street.

There are probably others who help homeless persons.

There are, I believe, others who have donated their old clothes and shoes to the needy.

The list could go on and on. 

The coverage of the good news seems overshadowed by the bad news.

I was doing research on May 14, 2009, and discovered this link.

Item after item reported the criminal conduct or allegations against NFL players.

As I read the blogs and articles, I thought: Is the proportion of NFL players who do good things greater than those who fall short?

Then to add to the controversy, I thought of some examples of great men, renowned men and men in the "good book" who fell short, and made mistakes.

For example, David messed up with Bethsheba. 

Samson goofed up with Delilah.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders