Oakland Raiders: Was Rich Gannon’s Offer To Help Sincere?

There is no sugar-coating it. Ever since Rich Gannon retired the Raiders have been bad.

And since then Gannon has been a harsh critic. Publicly stating his displeasure for the way the Raiders organization is being run and for how the team is being coached.

Lately Gannon has been making a lot of noise regarding the Raiders on his sports talk show on Sirius Radio or as a CBS sports analyst.

First Gannon allegedly went back and broke down every one of JaMarcus Russells' pass attempts. He wrote a detailed report concluding and suggesting that Russell could be great with his help.

Then on Sirius Radio Gannon told us that he has been reaching out to Russell offering to tutor the young QB.

But the young QB didn't even bother to respond or awknowledge the former MVP's offer (how rude).

But the Raiders already have a great QB coach in Paul Hacket, the same coach who Gannon praised so highly for being a master of fundamentals, and credited for his own development.

So to quote John Herrara:

“What does Rich Gannon think he has to offer that Paul Hackett can’t contribute, when he himself said Paul Hackett is the best quarterbacks coach that he ever had?”

And then most recently on Sirius Radio Gannon said this:

“I did something yesterday that I can’t believe even I did. I picked up the phone and I reached out to Al Davis.”

“So I called Mr. Davis, I have not spoken with him yet, but I’m happy to help out in any way I can. I’d love to help JaMarcus Russell if he wants help. I’d love to help Tom Cable and that organization. It’s important. Listen, seven straight seasons where they’ve lost 11 or more games? Something’s not right.”

Then Gannon went on to play the victum and act as if he was baffled and shocked when the Raiders denied him.

Really Rich? After years of playing for the Raiders and worki...

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