Oakland Raiders Want to Ready Their Players for Life After Football

The hiring of Lamonte Winston is a step in a positive direction. Over the years there have been many Oakland Raiders who did not adjust to life after football. Of course, the counseling and guidance to survive after a player has an outstanding career in professional football is an issue that needs to be addressed.

The employment of Winston in the area of Player Engagement is a step in the right direction,

Everyone knows that some players seem to have a tendency to fall into troublesome situations. Early alerts and referrals just might help to reduce the incidences of non-sociable, illegal and controversial behaviors.

There is a new era emerging for the Oakland Raiders. The addition of Winston is a indication that they extend their interest in the career for their players beyond the issues and challenges on the playing field.

Tooling the players with life skills and constructive behaviors, concepts and precepts is a positive move. This move can help to cause a cultural shift in the lives of young players who find themselves without the support and fellowship of a team, and all of the amenities that come with being an Oakland Raider.

Congratulations to Lamonte Winston for accepting the challenge of this mission.

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