Oakland Raiders vs. Tennessee Titans: Silver and Black Week 1 Gameplan

The 2010 NFL season is finally here and the Oakland Raiders take on the Tennessee Titans in Week 1.

This is, without a doubt my favorite time of year. Teams have made their roster cuts, players have studied the playbooks, and the preseason is behind us.

Now, it's for real.

Every week during the 2010 NFL season, I'll be releasing a slide show about what I think are the keys to the Oakland Raiders being successful against each opponent. These game plans will be released on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

I'll use my coaching experience to break down the opponent's roster and study their game film to determine their strengths and weaknesses. I'll then apply what I know about the Raiders to figure out the best way to win on gameday.

I'll attempt to find match up advantages for the Raiders to exploit. I will also look for ways for the Raiders to negate any match up advantages the opposing team might have.

Another useful tool in game planning is coaching tendencies. This allows a coach to predict how the opponent will react in certain situations, making it possible for his team to know something is coming based on down, distance, personnel, and formation.

Jon Gruden worked this aspect to perfection in the Raider Nation nightmare, Super Bowl XXXVII.

There is no way for me to know what head coach Tom Cable, offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, or defensive coordinator John Marshall are planning for any opponent. The best I can do is offer up my ideas and observations.

We'll start with the offense...

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