Oakland Raiders vs St Louis Rams: Why This Is a Must Win Game For Oakland

The St. Louis Rams had the worst record in the league last year and got the first pick in the draft. The Oakland Raiders have the worst record in the league over the last seven years.

The season is less than two weeks old and both teams are looking for their first win of the season. The Rams lost a close game to the post Kurt Warner Arizona Cardinals.

The Raiders were blown out by an up and coming Tennessee Titan team.

Is this an early season toilet bowl?

It may very well depend on who wins.

The Rams are clearly in rebuild mode with a rookie quarterback among other things. The Raiders have had a great off-season and this was supposed to be the year that the spell is broken.

No one is killing the Raiders yet because their loss was the opener and the Titans were supposed to win at home. (But not that bad) That will change quickly if the Raiders lose at home Sunday to the Rams.

This is a must win game for the Raiders!

Turn the page to see why.

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