Oakland Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks: Full Report Card Grades

The Oakland Raiders went into Seattle with most experts expecting them to get run off the field, and after the first half, it seemed like that would be the case. But the Raiders came storming back after halftime, and the Seahawks unexpectedly found themselves with a game on their hands.

Oakland lost the game 30-24, but the team was an onside kick recovery away from going on a game-winning drive with under two minutes to go. This wasn't close because the Raiders scored in garbage time to keep it respectable. They fought their way back, and they deserved to be in it late.

The Raiders went toe-to-toe with the champions in Seattle, and they earned a chance to win this game. If Oakland had gone on to win, it would've been a surprise. It also would've been deserved.

Turnovers ultimately cost Oakland the game, and it's something that the team has to address. But it was no accident that this one was close. The Raiders played well, and there's plenty to build on for next week.

Here are the grades for each position group after what was Oakland's best all-around performance of the season.

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