Oakland Raiders Vs San Francisco 49ers: 10 Matchups in Bay Area Battle

It's time once again for the Bay Area Battle. The Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers will face each other on Saturday in their third preseason game.

Somebody may have to let the players and fans know it's only a preseason game because you can feel the intensity before the game even starts.

These Bay Area rivals will be clashing for the first time this year, they have another meeting scheduled October 17th.

Last season the 49ers and Raiders practiced together and it sounded like the Niners overpowered the Raiders during their practice.

This year because of their games during the preseason and regular season they did not practice together.

Both teams have coaches who want their players to be physical and beat up other teams. This game, even though it's preseason, should provide a lot of emotion and hard hits.

Let's take a look at 10 matchups to watch when the Raiders play the 49ers.

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