Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers: Raiders Finally Have Their Day

Holding a grudge is a bad idea and we learn as kids to forget and forgive, thank God that doesn't apply in the game of football.  I don't know what everyone else was watching during the Raiders vs. Chargers game, but I saw years of built-up hostility finally come out and the Chargers were on the receiving end of a well-deserved slap in the face .

The Oakland Raiders played a game that broke all the negative stereotypes that have been following them for the last eight years.

It's always been difficult to predict what kind of season the Raiders are going to have.  Mainly because of  the unpredictability and lack of leadership that comes from within the organization.  The best way for players to overcome unpredictable ownership is to play as a team and play with meaning. 

Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010, the Oakland Raiders played an awesome game that was so physically one-sided it didn't even look like the Chargers were in the same league. 

I can see it now, the Chargers sitting in their meeting room talking about going to the playoffs, foolishly looking past the one team that can throw a monkey wrench into their perfect little plan.  This is the classic example of why teams focus on their opponent from week to week and not look ahead.

The NFL has a great free agency system that allows each team a fair chance to obtain any player that is coming off a contract.  On several occasions this season, the Oakland Raiders have shown that they have beat the system and have gathered a group of NFL players that are like the New York Yankees of the NFL,  some may not agree, but the proof is in the pudding.

If the Raiders were a bad football team they wouldn't win games by such great margins like they have this year, you don't win in the NFL on accident.  However, the Raiders are a poorly coached footba...

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