Oakland Raiders vs. New Orleans Saints: Full Report Card Grades for Oakland

The Oakland Raiders scratched and clawed their way out of a 14-point third-quarter deficit to claim a 35-34 season-opening victory over the New Orleans Saints.

Last year’s Raiders would’ve continued to sputter after tight end Clive Walford failed to reel in a catch on a critical drive and wideout Seth Roberts dropped a pass.

Due to a pass interference infraction on Saints linebacker Craig Robertson, Oakland took full advantage of a second opportunity and put the nail in New Orleans' coffin with a two-point conversion.

Head coach Jack Del Rio likely made the definitive call to go for two points and the win as opposed to a tying extra point. According to San Francisco Chronicle reporter Vic Tafur, Del Rio wanted to seal the victory in an immediate fashion.

If the play had failed, it would've been labeled a moronic play call with the game on the line. With success, Del Rio deserves much credit for a gutsy decision to snatch the victory.

How did each positional unit perform for the Raiders on Sunday? We’ll grade each group and the coaching staff.

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