Oakland Raiders vs. Indianapolis Colts: Clash and Conquer To Cinch the AFC West

The Oakland Raiders are prepared and everyone knows that the game against the Indianapolis Colts is not going to be easy, yet not impossible to win.

The value system of the Colts is their greatest attribute. The continuity in concepts and leadership make them a formidable opponent.

I have only met one NFL coach who has won a Super Bowl. It was Tony Dungy. While visiting the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, Dungy was conducting a book signing.  I bought six of his books, but even then I wondered what made the Colts so good.

The coaching, content and character of the management of the Colts are the answer.

The Oakland Raiders are making great progress this year. The content, character and commitment of the coaching staff and of each player are the components that have made a difference.

The Colts' new coach of two years was under Dungy for several years. The continuity of that staff can be an advantage to the Colts.

To combat that continuity, there must be a deliberate effort on the part of the Oakland Raiders coaches to build up the content and character of the Oakland Raiders. Obviously, the past years indicate that there were some insidious problems in the coaching and management of the team.

Things are different now. The evidence of the difference is the improved performance and outstanding data that is being produced this year.

This game is not going to be easy. A greater purpose is needed to drive the Oakland Raiders to victory.

Can the Oakland Raiders defeat the Colts? Yes, but it won't be easy, yet it can be done.

Go Raiders! Show up and get another back-to-back victory. Decide on that greater purpose, take hold of it and race toward victory on the day after Christmas.

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