Oakland Raiders Vs Chicago Bears: Learning to Win, Any Way Possible

For the Raiders, it has been a long seven-year stretch.

Dealing with issues ranging from defensive failures to quarterback nightmares, the Raiders are hoping that the latest formula of passing, young strength on defense and hard running can lead to good results. For the Raiders, it has lead to a 32-17 win on the road, and a 2-0 record in the pre-season.

For the Bears, last season didn't turn out exactly as they had hoped, but this preseason will be about seeing how the offseason changes improve a club hoping for better defense.

Early on, the Raiders seemed set to roll into the regular season. Jason Campbell had the team's first drive end in a touchdown, even despite several early penalties by Robert Gallery. Hitting early and often, Jason had a 24-yard pass to Michael Bush, an 18-yard pass to Johnnie Lee Higgins, a 13-yard pass to Zach Miller, and then after a short run by Bush, a 27-yard pass to Louis Murphy brought the Raiders near the end zone.

On a third-and-one, Jason Campbell put the ball in the end zone by himself, putting Oakland up 7-0.

The Bears, meanwhile were looking disoriented early, with a horrible drive following the Raiders score. After a short run by the bears, Jay Cutler was sacked twice, going from a second and eight, to a 4th and 28.

Oakland's next possession would lead to a field goal, the Bears again would punt, Oakland would then drive deep into Bears territory, where Jason Campbell would make his first mistake. Aiming for Zach Miller, he was picked off by Tillman, killing the drive inside the 15-yard line.

On the next play, Bears RB Matt Forte ripped off an 89-yard Touchdown, cutting the Raiders lead to 10-6, as the Bears would fail to convert the two-point conversion.

Oakland would score again, putting a field goal on the board, but a fumble by Jason Campbell would give the Bears a short field with plenty of time to convert at the 25-ya...

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