Oakland Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills: Full Report Card Grades for Oakland

In the NFL, it’s difficult to keep an exceptionally explosive offensive team under wraps.

The Buffalo Bills found out the hard way after leading the Oakland Raiders 24-9 midway through the third quarter. After Bills running back Mike Gillislee scored his second touchdown, his teammates celebrated, almost excessively.

Clearly, head coach Rex Ryan didn’t show his team the Raiders’ film, which illustrates how lethal the offense can become when rallying for a comeback. Then again, maybe the Bills couldn’t stop what they expected to happen next.

As witnessed in the previous weeks, the Raiders didn’t execute for all 60 minutes, but they put together enough plays in the clutch to reverse momentum and seize the victory in the final quarter. 

The Raiders racked up 29 unanswered points within 20 minutes, which devoured the 15-point lead the Bills built over the course of two-and-a-half quarters.

Despite allowing 212 rushing yards, the Raiders overcame their defensive deficiency and completely clamped down the Bills offense in the final 24 minutes of the contest. Buffalo’s offense lost its rhythm, and Oakland's defense successfully forced three-and-outs and punts to chip into the Bills’ time of possession.

The Raiders’ latest triumph highlights their ability to win in spite of showing a weakness up front. With an offense able to score in droves, a methodical approach doesn’t fare well when combined with turnovers against the Silver and Black. Oakland took the lead 30-24 and the defense forced a turnover on the Bills’ side of the field, which put the game on ice.

How did the Raiders fare in a micro view across the positional groups?

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