Oakland Raiders: Vince Young and Why Signing Him Is Not Such a Bad Idea

If you are a Raiders fan, the following numbers are a bit hard to look at, but they are the reality of this team since the year 2002. These are the win-loss records of every regular starting quarterback the team has had since Super Bowl XXXVII:

Rich Gannon, 4-6

Kerry Collins, 7-21

Andrew Walter, 2-7

Aaron Brooks, 0-8

Josh McCown, 2-7

Daunte Culpepper, 2-4

JaMarcus Russell, 7-18

Bruce Gradkowski, 3-5

Jason Campbell, 11-7

Carson Palmer, 8-16

Ten quarterbacks with at least eight starts for the Oakland Raiders since 2003. One quarterback with a winning record. For all of the commentary made about the Raiders run defense and other ills this team has faced, the instability at quarterback has been far and away the biggest issue with this team.

Now, imagine I told you there was a quarterback on the free agent market that comes with a career winning percentage of .620 in 50 starts. 31-19 or just 15 fewer losses than the 10 signal callers on the list above. Without a name, there would definitely be intrigue.

But when the name Vince Young is attached to that record, immediately there are disclaimers and dismissive ways to devalue his results as an NFL starter. 

The Titans defense carried him in Tennessee. Which totally explains how/why Young has 13 game-winning drives and/or fourth-quarter comebacks in his career. It is one thing to have a year when you get hot (think Jake Plummer in 1998 or Tim Tebow in 2011): Doing it over your entire career is entirely different.

Young's passer rating and completion percentage are not starter-worthy. I'll admit, his individual numbers don't pass the eye test. A shade under 58 percent career completion percentage and more interceptions than touchdowns for his career (46 to 51). But I will give you the inverse of that: Jeff George. 

In George's best seaso...

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