Oakland Raiders Turn Corner in 2010

"Praise from an enemy is the most pleasing of all commendations," Sir Richard Steele.

Well, if that's true, the Oakland fans had better listen up.

Because first off, I’m a Raider Hater.

And it’s not just because I’m from the Midwest, or because I think spiked shoulder pads clash with my shoes.  I’m a all-out, dyed-in-the-wool, to the core Raider Hater.

No, seriously.  I was dancing in my living room when Marcus Allen became a Chief and think Al Davis should be hosting “Tales From the Crypt” instead of running a NFL team.  Second dates have been cancelled because they were Oakland fans.  For crying out loud, I made a Chiefs blanket for my son this spring, and won't even be born until October.

So when I say the Raiders are turning the corner and will be a threat in the AFC West this year, I want you to understand my full meaning.

Oakland has been the joke of the NFL the last few years. Even when Detroit went through their 0-16 season, I’m betting Lions players looked in the mirror and said, “Well, at least I’m not playing for the Raiders.” Between the revolving door of coaches, Randy Hanson's broken jaw, and a laughable history in player management that has netted only four Pro Bowl players in the last seven years, Oakland has been the poster child for dysfunction the better part of the last decade.

But that’s all starting to change, and teams on their schedule should pay heed to the Silver and Black. 

Oakland has done well locking in the talent already on their roster.  Regardless of the money spent on him, cornerback Nmandi Asomugha is one of the best cornerbacks in the league, and an amazing personality to boot.  Robert Gallery, while a bust at tackle, has been a solid performer at guard. Linebacker Thomas Howard has ...

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