Oakland Raiders’ Travis Goethel Supposedly Injured: What’s Really Going On?

The Oakland Raiders drafted Travis Goethel in the sixth round in this past NFL draft.

Goethel made the transition from outside linebacker at Arizona State to Middle Linebacker here in Oakland.

The youngster has impressed in his three pre-season games, leading to him making Oakland's roster.

However, Travis mysteriously missed Thursday night's game vs. the Seahawks with an undisclosed injury. He then missed the practices on Saturday and Sunday. Today, the media got a brief chance to talk to Travis, who seemed fine and walked with no limp.

When asked about his mysterious injury, Goethel responded by saying "I don't know if I can say anything about that.", And "I don't think I should say anything.

Obviously the supposed injury isn't serious, or else the Raiders would have waived Travis and then put him on injured reserve.

Could this be something other than an injury? Possibly an attitude problem?

Or maybe an off the field problem?

Fights and DUI's are possible, you know.

It all just sounds way too strange to me. If Travis was injured, why not just say how? Maybe Al Davis doesn't want anyone to know, but Tom Cable said he'd explain everything on Wednesday.

Also, Jerry McDonald reported he looked alright.

Maybe I'm the biggest conspiracy theorist ever, I don't know.

What do you think, Raider Nation? Thanks.

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