Oakland Raider’s Training Camp Rankings: Part One

For those who haven't read my previous offseason rankings, they can be seen in my archive.

As of right now, I will be doing weekly rankings throughout the season. This is part one of a three-part series ranking the Raiders from 1-80.

1. Nnamdi Asomugha

The league's best corner (yeah, I said it) will not be moving out of this spot this season, as long as he doesn't get injured. 

Jerry McDonald, of the Oakland Tribune , has asked whether the Raiders would be more inclined to let Asomugha make more plays.

2. Zach Miller

This guy should be almost a lock for 80 catches this season. Campbell had fantastic chemistry with tight ends Fred Davis and Chris Cooley, so there's no reason to think that this duo won't be great.

Let's face it: Any guy who can be on pace to catch 60 balls from JaMarcus 'Purple Drank' Russell is good enough in my book.

3. Jason Campbell

I've kept the former first-round pick high all offseason for a reason. He should automatically improve the pass offense, and by default ,the run offense. 

You can generally get a good idea whether the passing game works in the preseason.

Len Pasquarelli thinks that Jason Campbell was the bargain of the offseason. Does he know he works for ESPN, the network that doesn't stand for Raider tolerance.

4. Richard Seymour 'money'

Now that he has been tagged yet again, Seymour should be good to go. I just don't know how inspired Seymour will play this year.

While Seymour was solid, he was never near the dominant force we know he can be.

The ex-Patriot also has all the leverage when it comes to a long-term deal. If the Raiders let him walk, that will mean they not only lost their first rounder, but the player they got in the trade.

My guess is that Seymour won't exactly half-ass it, but he won't be the terror that we know he can...

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