Oakland Raiders Training Camp Ends: Final Recap

After nearly a month of drills and practices, the Oakland Raiders ended training camp today. Their mission was to get better every day, but the greatest part of progression is a change in attitude.

Tom Cable and Hue Jackson are a big part of the change in attitude along with Jason Campbell and the plethora of added talent.

"I think the different thing between this year and the years before, from talking to the guys that have been here, is the attitude, the mindset," Campbell stated. "Guys expect to go out and win, instead of just hoping or one thing happens and getting down."

And one part of the new attitude come with trust and confidence among players and coaches internally. Last year some defensive players grumbled that the offense "left them out to dry."

But today, Nnamdi Asomugha stated, "We've had many games where we've been on the field more than the other teams in the league. You want to be fresh on defense. And I think our offense is going to give us that opportunity this year, and we've seen some really good flashes from them during the preseason of the things they can do so the defense is definitely excited about that and they've gotten us better through our practices against them. They're doing really well."

Just today, the offense put on a passing exhibition that saw Darrius Heyward-Bey being the recipient of three touchdowns.

Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson summed it up best by stating: "If they're keeping score, I want to win. I think that's the way our players are. We're going to walk out there and they're going to put a ball out there and we're going out there to play and we're going to play to win. We're not just going out there to play. Any time we take the field and we're wearing that uniform, that's what our intention is, to go win a football game."

But nothing summed up training camps more than the new Raiders t-shirts that read, "...

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