Oakland Raiders Training Camp 2010: Week In Review

Well, the first full week of practice is in the books, folks.

The Raiders started practicing in pads, started taking the lessons to heart, and kicked off training camp in earnest in California, ready to shrug off the previous seasons' decay and dust.

For the Raiders, new blood mixed with veterans, looking for a future with the Silver and Black. For others, the hope of playing for a new team gives their careers a new future and a new direction.

Both groups look at this time, as all fans do, with hope and optimism...every tackle, every pass, and every barked order is another chance to do something right.

Some players started out their chances very well. Rolando McClain, simply put, has been as impressive as advertised in college. Alabama did this boy proud. Darrius Heyward-Bey, who many have labeled a bust-in-waiting, showed signs of dedication early in the offseason and continued to impress, making catches at different times. Of course, Jason Campbell was able to show his trade is giving both him and the Raiders new life...and how much of an "addition by subtraction" was made when the Raiders traded for him.

The running game, ranging from Darren McFadden to Marcel Reece, has been an interesting ensemble. Marcel recently broke loose and made big yards, Michael Bennett was chided for "not staying up," and Darren McFadden today had an issue with a hamstring...something to keep an eye on.

One aspect that is difficult to gauge with the camp is how good our offense or our defense is doing. Obviously, if you see Darrius Heyward-Bey making a catch while covered by Asomugha...it is pretty impressive. If Jason Campbell splits Hiram Eugene and Bryan McFadden...it may have been a good pass, but would it work against say, Champ Bailey or against another club? Time will tell.

Today, several names didn't practice, for various reasons. Jacoby Ford, who is nursing a foot injury, was out, along with Ro...

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