Oakland Raiders: Touchdown Jesus Yielded Touchdown Timmy: Tim Brown

You probably heard about the lightning that struck Touchdown Jesus in Ohio. The statue was a symbol of hope for travelers, and it burned down.

However, it was not the Touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame, where Tim Brown played football, that burned down. It was the symbol of hope in Monroe, Ohio.

All I could think of is that we certainly don't need to lose hope, nor do we need any symbols of hope to burn down.

While driving to Chicago from Ohio in 2009, my family and I visited the campus of Notre Dame, the school that produced Tim Brown. He is a man who made a great contribution to the Oakland Raiders. Brown's career was so illustrious that a display of him stands in the Pro Football Hall of Fame even though he has not yet been enshrined.

Some say that Al Davis did not or does not like athletes from Notre Dame, and that he claims they are more likely to use their education than their athletic abilities.

But who cares about who likes a player? If the man can produce, it is good for the Raider Nation.

And that is exactly what Tim Brown did—he produced.

Just as the lightning struck another symbol of hope in Ohio, a player with the qualities of Tim Brown would be a symbol of hope for the Oakland Raiders in the 2010 season.

Which player is capable of matching that expectation? Whoever he is, let's hope nothing interrupts his performance in 2010.

The research reveals:

"Brown chose Notre Dame and played there from 1984–1987, earning the nickname 'Touchdown Timmy.' In his first year, he set a freshman record with twenty-eight receptions. As a junior, he set a record with 1,937 all-purpose yards . During 1987, Brown caught 34 passes for 846 yards, returned 34 punts for 401 yards, rushed for 144 yards, gained 456 yards on 23 kickoff returns , and scored eight touchdowns.

"Brown finished his career at Notre Dame with 137 receptions, a s...

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