Oakland Raiders: Top Candidates for the Now Vacant Head Coaching Position

Tuesday, January 4th, 2010. I get home at 6:30, eagerly waiting to see if Tom Cable, current Oakland Raiders head coach, has been fired.

I hop on the computer. No news yet. However, Hue Jackson, expected to be Cable's replacement if he is fired, has gotten permission by the Raiders to be interviewed by Bay Area rival the 49ers.

I immediately know Cable is finished off as head coach of the Raiders.

Of course, I am correct. Four hours later, I switch on the television while getting to bed. The breaking news: Tom Cable has not been retained.

Immediately a firestorm of protest by fans, media and player (yes, player, with no "s") begins.

Now it's Thursday, January 6th, and Raiders owner Al Davis still hasn't made a decision on who will replace Cable. He hasn't even interviewed anyone yet.

Most of my fellow Raider Fans here on Bleacher Report know that I felt Cable should have been given one more year as coach to prove what he could do. 

I argued that the only way the Raiders fire Cable is if Hue Jackson is his replacement. The few names I've heard reported are Jackson, Josh McDaniels and the dark horse Jim Harbaugh. The names I'm personally thinking are Kevin Gilbride, Jim Fassel and even Marc Trestman, along with Jackson and Harbaugh.

Those are really the only candidates.

Let's take a closer look.

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