Oakland Raiders’ Top Bleacher Report Writer Is a Woman

Al Davis has started something. He has made history by hiring the first African American head coach during the modern era (Art Shell), and the highest ranking female in the NFL (CEO, Amy Trask). More historical facts are among his accolades.

Now on Bleacher Report , we have another finding that makes history for the Raider Nation.

Of the 32 top writers for the NFL teams, according to a tally on Feb. 8, the Oakland Raiders' team page has made history.

Here is the list of top B/R writers on the team pages (these ranks can be very fluid so that is why I am dating this list):

1. D. Estes, KC Chiefs

2. A. Bensch, 49ers

3. S. Kimberly, Seahawks

4. D. R. Batcher, Carolina Panthers

5. T. Edington, Buccaneers

6. Kevin Roberts, Vikings, Packers, Cardinals

7. J. McCurdy, Falcons

8. T. Higgins, Jaguars

9. Dave Stanley, Titans

10. Lou DiPietro, Eagles

11. Ed Sheahim, Redskins

12. Daniel Wolf, Browns

13. Nick Signorelli, Steelers

14. Bob Warja, Bears,

15. Jordan Belfiori, Lions

16. Dan Van Wie, Bills

17. Chris Nelson, Dolphins

18. Erik Frenz, Patriots

19. Nick Antoniciello, Jets

20. Gene Strother, Cowboys

21. Kyle Langan, Giants

22. Randy Savoie, Saints

23. Justin Javan, Colts

24. Robert Vega, Texans

25. Dan Parzy, Bengals

26. Mike Keller, Broncos

27. Matt Miselis, Ravens

28. Paul Preibisius, Chargers

29. Bryn Swartz, Rams

30. Damali Binta YAEL, Oakland Raiders

There are 32 teams and 30 team writers. One person writes for three teams. The historical "fun fact" is that there is only one woman among these 30 top writers.  She is Damali Binta YAEL, a top writer for the Ble...

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