Oakland Raiders To Put Opposing Quarterbacks Under The Heat Lamp In 2010

Raiders' fans well know about Al Davis' pressure football on the the offensive side of the ball. The deep ball is the main tool that the Raiders have used to play pressure football over the years on offense.

Davis is also a believer in pressure football on the defensive side of the ball. He has even created his own dictum for such a thing.

He once said, "The quarterback must go down and he must go down hard."

It started with players like Ben Davidson in the 1960s. Then it went on to players like John Matuzsack and Otis Sistrunk. The 1980s featured the likes of Howie Long, Lyle Alzado, Sean Jones, and Greg Townsend. Townsend continued into the 1990s and was joined by Chester McGlockton, Arron Wallace, and Nolan Harrision.

The 2000s was a sort of dead period.

Warren Sapp did manage to give Raider Nation one good year though his mouth is most of what he had left. Derrick Burguess gave Raider Nation three good years before the injury bug bit him.

The 2010 Raiders through the preseason seem to be using Davis' old dictum as a rule. So far, the opposing quarterbacks are not only going down hard but they are going down often.

The Raiders have sacked the quarterback 12 times in two games!

But it's only preseason with the starters playing in the first half.

Well, 10 of those 12 sacks belong to starters and they happened in the first half. In the first preseason game in Dallas, the Raiders had three sacks in the opening drive.

The 12 Raider sacks are joined by 14 quarterback hits and 18 tackles for a loss. The pressure has also led to three interceptions and a forced fumble.

This will win ballgames!

Let's take the Super Bowl winning 1983 Raiders as an example. The 1983 Raiders had 57 sacks and had 20 interceptions while terrorizing quarterbacks.

They didn't keep stats for hi...

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