Oakland Raiders to Have Darren McFadden Run The Wild Hog?

As the Raiders get ready for the Steelers and figure out which way to attack their stingy defense, I wondered how much of the "Wild Hog" we'll see this week. 

I began to wonder if Darrenn McFadden getting the snap directly from center is the best way for him to pick up positive yards against the Steelers' front seven. 

In the victory over the Chiefs, Hue Jackson broke out the Raiders version of the Wild Cat, known as the "Wild Hog."  It was effective on some plays and picked up no yardage on others. 

You know Jackson has been tinkering with this formation since the KC game two weekends ago.  This formation allows the Raiders to get both McFadden and Michael Bush on the field at the same time.  The defense has to respect both men as they are capable of the big play on any given attempt.

With Zach Miller and Louis Murphy back that gives Jackson more options out of the WH formation.  With so much focus on McFadden and Bush in the backfield things should open up for Miller and Murphy to do their thing. 

Miller can stay home for a second and block, then find the opening in the defense for a big gain. 

McFadden and Bush are two of the best backs to run the Wild Hog formation because they both are legitimate threats to take a shot down field as a passer. 

Another wrinkle we could see is McFadden at WR and Bush taking the snap.  McFadden can line up in the slot and beat who ever is lined up against him.  A LB or safety would be in trouble trying to cover McFadden in the slot.

With Jacoby Ford breaking out against the Chiefs, that only gives the Steelers another weapon they have to watch.  If you slip for a split second you are beat.  He has world class "Raider" speed and will make you pay if you sleep on him. 

This game against Pittsburgh is huge.  A win would put the rest o...

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