Oakland Raiders: Time to Just Win Baby, Isn’t It?

It’s time to just win baby. Former Denver offensive coordinator and now head coach Gary Kubiak comes to town Sunday and brings his high powered offense. 

Houston’s offense is one that features all world wide receiver Andre Johnson and un-drafted sensation Arian Foster. On opening day the Texans lit up the defending AFC champion Colts and followed that up with a come from behind victory in Washington against the Redskins. 

Last week they were shut down by a desperate Cowboys team in their bid to go 3-0 to open the young season.

The Raiders limp home after snatching defeat from the jaws of victory with a sub par outing against the Cardinals in a game they didn’t play particularly well, but still had a chance to win if they could have converted a last second field goal.

If the Raiders want to win this week the only thing they should remember about last game is the bitter taste it left in their mouth.  One can only hope they have no desire to ever be on the losing end of a game like that again.

There are a few things that need to happen this Sunday for the Raiders to get a win.  Another few things they can prove to those that doubt they are an up-and-coming team.

To win this weekend they will need to do the following:


-Stop Foster. Don’t get intimidated by his early season success. Step up and punch him in the mouth. Be physical. Make Schaub have to throw for it.

-Put Nnamdi on Johnson and let him do his thing. Last weekend he put on a clinic against a very talented Larry Fitzgerald. Johnson is good, Nnamdi is better.

-Get DMAC involved. Let him get 30-40 touches. He is running hard, not fumbling and is proving difficult to tackle. Make the Texans put eight or nine in the box to shut him down

-The offensive line needs to take the next step. Keep Mario out of the backfield. Open t...

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