Oakland Raiders: Time, Talent, Toughness Equals Touchdowns

This is a collaboration with Damali Binta YAEL and Karume Kanyama. Karume is Damali's son.


They called the Oakland Raiders "cliffhangers." It's time for that type of tag to be used again so that the Oakland Raiders can get those touchdowns, even if it is the last few seconds of the fourth quarter.

I will never forget the game on Dec. 6, 1970. It taught a lesson: Never, ever give up.

The historic play during a game between the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets was indeed a cliffhanger. It was in Shea Stadium in New York.

Warren Wells, a deep threat and a gifted wide receiver, was near the goal line with three New York Jets defenders surrounding him.

He was surrounded by W. K. Hicks, Gus Holloman, and Earlie Thomas.

Said Earlie Thomas, the Jets' right-cornerback: "I thought the ball was dropping into my hands, but the wind carried it and he (Wells) lunged for it."

Wells was at the right place at the right time. He was equipped. That historical moment happened because of time, chance, talent, toughness and a determination to get touchdowns.

Remember the words Thomas used: "Wells lunged for it."

Wells moved with a sudden, quick and accurate thrust.

A lot can be said about that moment in 1970. The quotes, however, give us a feel for the greatness of the moment.

More can be said, but this quote got my attention after all of these years:

Gus Holloman added, "I was coming in behind either Earlie or W. K. Hicks and Wells happened to be facing the right way. It just doesn't make any sense."

In this brief article let me share this quote:

"What the Jets had done was to tip the ball into the air. And what Wells had done was to make a spectacular catch on the rebound while tumbling into the end zone."

Warren Wells i...

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