Oakland Raiders: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done, Challenge the San Diego Chargers

After all the hullabaloo when the Oakland Raiders defeated the Denver Broncos with such a large margin, expectations rose so high that some folks said, like Peggy Lee, "You give me fever."

Something happened and now the fans are beginning to feel let down. How do I know? The blackouts have returned.

Jacoby Ford is to be commended. He made a fantastic touchdown, starting off "hot" in the beginning of the game. Ford made history. His heart is in the game.

If luck is what helped the Oakland Raiders get three consecutive wins, then what changed the luck? Where did they go wrong?

I said it once, and I'll say it again. Jason Campbell was doing a good job. After the bye week, things fell apart, not only for Campbell but for the entire team.

Perhaps the training and scheduling for the Oakland Raiders ought to be somewhat like boot camp for young military personnel.

The boot camp would require a level of focus and discipline to help build up stamina and momentum. With the boot camp model, the rewards, rest and recuperation should come at the end of the season.

The research indicates that the present model is not working well for the Oakland Raiders. They tend to loose their focus and momentum during and after a bye week.

Is it that each player goes in separate directions, doing whatever he wants to do, forgetting about pro football and then gets totally submerged in all types of personal encounters? These encounters may serve as distractions.

When a franchise is struggling to reclaim it's position, constraints must be put in place until efficiency, consistency and excellence are attained and maintained.

The sacrifices (of various types) must be made.

Some of us get the feeling that the Oakland Raiders became too confident and careless, forgetting that the three consecutive wins intimidated their opponents. The intimidation "triggered" a pow...

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