Oakland Raiders: They Must Ride the Broncos Until They Break on Sunday

If you look at the head-to-head data of the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos from 2007 to 2011, you will discover that the Raiders have scored, in total, 50 points more than the cumulative score of the Broncos.

In fact, the Raiders have won four consecutive games against the Broncos, although the game in 2011 season opener was a close call.

Most people are hoping that Carson Palmer—brought in to replace the starting signal caller duties when quarterback Jason Campbell fractured his collarbone—will be very familiar with the Raiders playbook and that he will be adjusted to the team by the team's second meeting this Sunday.

Darren McFadden is another weapon, who is injured. He, too, may miss the game on Nov. 6.

The Raiders have been struggling with some unusual circumstances with the key injuries and passing of longtime owner Al Davis. If the Raiders defeat the Broncos, it will be sign that things are stabilizing.

Furthermore, this would mean that the Raiders have an opportunity to continue moving forward as they were before all of the challenges and injuries popped into the equation.

A victory after bye week would be very encouraging to the Raider Nation, because for the past seven years, the Raiders have "goofed up" and lost immediately after bye week. 

In my opinion, the Raiders have a point to prove. They must show the world that they can start winning games after a bye week. It's simple. It must be done.

The Raiders must come out of bye week, riding the backs of the Broncos until they break their spirit and defeat them on Nov. 6.



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