Oakland Raiders: The State of the Team, Part 2 (Defense)

Overall Defense: B-

Richard Seymour was acquired a week before the season started. He was traded for a 1st round pick. He didn't play like a guy that had first round worth. I'm not saying he was awful, but he certainly didn't play great. That's where I'm coming from.

He had two 2-sack games.That's all. Yes, he got double teamed many times, but great defensive ends get more than four total sacks. He dousn't really have a signature move to fall back on too.

For example, Dwight Freeney has the spin move and Jared Allen has his bull rush.

Seymour was also better in run support then we've had in years. 

Greg Ellis, signed to a 3-year deal in the off season was also a tad bit underwhelming. He did have seven sacks, but he was constantly on the injury report list. He wasn't as consistent as you would like either.

Matt Schaugnessy was a pleasant surprise. He doesn't necessarily do anything great, but he does everything well. He could challenge Ellis for a starting position next year, even though Ellis isn't being paid to be a backup.

Tommy "Pants on the Ground" Kelly was very solid this season. Often praised by Cable, Kelly recorded 37 solo tackles up the middle. He still isn't there in the consistency department. Even though the Raiders remained at the bottom of the league vs. the run, not all of it was Kelly's fault. 

Gerrard Warren continues to disappoint. He's awful against the run and is very average in pass rushing.

Desmond Bryant was a surprise out of training camp. The undrafted rookie from Harvard didn't make much of an impact during the regular season though.

Jay Richardson was OK as a backup this season. It was clear he wouldn't get much playing time, after he was neglected in training camp.

Slade Norris didn't even make the team out of training camp. That's really disappointing considering he was a fourth round...

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