Oakland Raiders: The Second Time Around Against the San Diego Chargers Is Better

Repeat performances will give us a chance to witness the consistency or inconsistency of the Oakland Raiders.

On Oct. 10, the Oakland Raiders defeated the San Diego Chargers. That was exciting. Lately, the Oakland Raiders have been missing the mark, and failing to overcome their opponents.

Will the Oakland Raiders defeat the San Diego chargers "a second time around"? According to the song, love is better the second time around. So, the love of winning should be better for the Oakland Raiders since normally we would expect increased efficiency and consistency in performance. After all, the teammates ought to know each other better and they should be in sync by now.

Although the bye week seems to have weakened the Oakland Raiders, the San Diego Chargers maintained their pursuit of victories by getting two wins since their bye week, which was during Week 10.

The Oakland Raiders also had bye week during Week 10, returning with two losses.

Here is the win-loss pattern since the time the Oakland Raiders encountered the San Diego Chargers. We should treasure the win on Oct. 10, but be cautious when it comes to forecasting the game of Dec. 5. 

Chargers L L L W W W W Raiders W L W W W L L It looks like the Chargers are surging upward while the Raiders have hit a dry spot.

What's going to happen on the second time around when the Oakland Raiders battle the San Diego Chargers in their own stadium?

Eyeballing the trend and considering the fact that it's a home game for the opponent, there are going to be sparks and fire everywhere on the playing field and in the stadium.

Get back to a winning trend. My graphs have a flatline lately and that's a sign of trouble. Here's hoping that something or someone will stir up the Oakland Raiders back to the performance level they had before bye week.

Go Raiders!


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