Oakland Raiders: The Sad Truth About How Much Better Jason Campbell Really Is

With the Raiders new acquisition of Jason Campbell, hopes in the Raider-Nation are high.

He is undoubtedly an improvement over the Raiders former QB situation, but how much of an improvement is he?

Some Raider fans are calling Campbell a great QB.

However, great may be a bit of a stretch.

Last year Campbell threw 3618 yards, had 20 TDs and 15 INTs. He also had a 64.5 completion percentage and an 86.4 QB rating.

This lands him right in the middle of the pack as far as NFL QBs go, neither great nor good, but merely average. Slightly worse than Kyle Orton, while slightly better than David Garrard.

On the bright side, it cannot be denied that average is an improvement over what we had last year.

On the not so bright side, Campbell had better protection and receivers at his disposal than what was available to the Raiders QBs last year and may struggle with the Raiders more so than he did in Washington.

Though the Redskins O-line is arguably just as bad as the Raiders, statistically the Raiders receivers aren't even in the same league as the Redskins.

Here is a look at Jason Campbell in an attempt to determine how much of an improvement he really is.



Pocket Awareness


Last year, one of the knocks on the Raiders' QBs was a lack of pocket awareness and inability to get rid of the ball on time—which resulted in the Raiders QBs suffering 49 sacks and 14 fumbles.

But the numbers and Redskins fans will tell you this isn't Jason Campbell's strong suit either.

Last year Campbell's inability to sense the pass rush resulted in him being among the most sacked QBs in the league. He was sacked 43 times and had 13 fumbles. Also, many Redskins fans blamed these sacks on Campbell and the numbers showed why.

Campbells' average sack time was hi...

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