Oakland Raiders: The Questions that Training Camp Must Answer!

As OTA's start to wind down, the approach of training camp quickly emerges. The Raiders finish their OTA programs about next week. A few weeks later it is off to their Napa training camp facility. The off-season buzz has had the Raider fanbase on a whole new level. As a fellow Raider fan, I fully expect that level to rise once Training Camp is in full swing. However, questions still loom over the franchise as they try to improve their football team to become a winning playoff contender. Some questions are easier to answer than others but that is a part of the excitement that is training camp. The Summer heat comes before the Autumn wind as questions come before answers. Please "comment" on and "like" my article. I really want to get your opinions on the approach of training camp. Remember today is when the Media gets to take a look at the team during OTAs. If you have any info you would like to share, please comment.Begin Slideshow


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