Oakland Raiders: The Blame Falls Upon the Ones Who Refuse to Accept It.

As JaMarcus Russell casually saunters out of Oakland on his way back to Mobile, B/R Raider writers have turned their attention to other suspect Raider players and coaches. There is a Buddhist saying that "the blame falls upon the person who refuses to accept it". It is a recognition that no one is blameless in most matters. Acknowledging our part in things allows us to grow and seek to be better. This was something that JaMarcus was incapable of doing and his departure has a lot to do with that simple fact. When a team is not succeeding on the field, there's plenty of blame to go around. But football is not a blame game. Good football teams don't blame players, they just expect their best from their players and the players give their best. That's all any fan can ask for. So rather than put the fire to Raider personnel, I propose to look at some of the players and coaches whose best efforts will be scrutinized this year and who will be expected to accept blame where blame is due.Begin Slideshow


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