Oakland Raiders : The Black & The SIlver

The Oakland Raiders have been known to make a mistake or two in recent offseasons, so it should be no surprise that the coaching staff, players, organization, and fans in the Raider Nation are more excited than usual after this offseason brought a lot of positive and pretty much no negative thus far.

With many pundits and fans alike are questioning the decision making, acumen, and general sanity of Al Davis in recent years, he rose from the ashes this offseason like Lazurus with a game plan: to improve the Raiders with sound drafting, solid roster moves, and consistency in the coaching ranks. You know, the general blueprint for NFL success that he seemed to have misplaced for a few years there.

Things are not all puppy dogs and ice cream in Alameda, but they are certainly sunnier than they have been in recent offseasons. First there is the addition by addition of new players in positions of importance and a new offesnsive cooridnator that was sorely needed. Then, there is the addition by subtraction, the cutting of the dead weight of perennial underachievers and underperformers.

As I can get it out of the way fairly quickly, I'll look at the negative things that have happened thus far for the Raiders this offseason and what they could mean going into the season, before moving on to the myriad of positive vibes that are flowing around the team.


Chaz Schilens Can't Stay Healthy

Well, 'ol Chaz is in his customary position on the sidelines, observing in street clothes while his teammates play football. After breaking his foot during training camp last summer, Chaz missed the first eight games and never really got on track after he did come back. Obviously there were still issues with the foot, as he's since had offseason surgery and is now on the sidelines while he recovers.

People say he's our only proven wideout, but Murphy, in my eyes, has proven more than Chaz has on t...

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