Oakland Raiders: The Best Is Yet to Come with Hue Jackson as Head Coach

Why do I cheer for the Oakland Raiders? There are many reasons. One of those reasons is that I have known several Raider players, and they were hell-raisers on the field and kind off the field.

Hue Jackson wants the Raiders to return to "The Bully" persona. This means he wants, in my opinion, a team that is tough, fearless, decisive and hard-hitting. Let's get ready for " smash-mouth" football in 2011.

Well, sometimes the old-timers I knew and went to college with were dangerous and the defensive players like Winston Hill of the New York Jets, and Ernie Holmes of the Pittsburgh Steelers were "smash-mouth, hard-hitting, smart players."

The Oakland Raiders prototype wide receiver who attended Texas Southern University was fast enough and smart enough to get away from many of those players who chased after him. He was known for making his way to the end zone like Daryl Lamonica and Fred Biletnikoff. His name is Warren Wells and he had good hands and fantastic statistics.

There were other fantastic eras in Oakland Raiders history, but the days under coach John Madden can never be forgotten.

The few senior Oakland Raiders I knew were smart, determined and more than survivors—they were high achievers.

The years have mellowed all of them. Having lived the prime of my life during the 60s and 70s in New York City, you can be certain that I have a strong constitution which complemented the strength of those in my circle of friends and associates. Those early years prepared some of us for our sports writing experiences on this site.

Growing up in those rich and diverse environments, I learned to discern subtle matters. My generation knows and lives by the motto, "only the strong survive." We learned to speak out and to express our opinions.

Hue Jackson apparently believes in that motto too. He certainly knows that only the strong survive in the NFL.


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