Oakland Raiders: The Best is Yet to Come in 2011, and We Cheer Them Onward

A Pep Talk

Why do I cheer for the Oakland Raiders? There are many reasons. One of those reasons is that I have known several of them, and they were hell-raisers on the field and kind off the field.

Well, sometimes they were.

The few senior Oakland Raiders I knew were smart, determined, and more than survivors; they were high achievers.

The years have mellowed all of them. Having lived the prime of my life during the 60s and 70s in New York City, you can be certain that I have a strong constitution which complemented the strength of those in my circle of friends and associates.

Growing up in those rich and diverse environments, I learned to discern subtle matters. My generation knows and lives by the motto, "only the strong survive."

I also believe that strong men are often flanked and further enhanced by strong and compassionate women. And an old adage says that behind a strong man is a woman. This is why one of my articles attempted to encourage the women's voices on the Oakland Raiders B/R webpage.

Sometimes I do wonder which strong women are flanking our team of young, talented Oakland Raiders. It is a question that needs no answer. Rather, the performance on the playing field will be the measure of the strength and nurture of the Oakland Raiders in 2011. 

Remember, the motto is "Commitment to Excellence."

That's a tall order, but it can be achieved.

My generation expected the best from the Oakland Raiders.

In my senior years, I look back and realize that the Oakland Raiders gave us what we expected. They gave us excellence. They gave us the data. They gave us the unique NFL records which measured both the intensity and integrity of their experiences on the playing field.

Their performance on the playing field inspired us, and we, too, were victorious in all that we endeavored to do.

Many of us ...

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