Oakland Raiders: Temper Flared Up When Chris Townsend Recalled Blackouts

The style and tone of a comment made about the Oakland Raiders by a sports radio personality named Chris Townsend agitated me and made my temper flare up on Friday, July 30.

I started listening to Sports Radio 610 while firing up my new smoker to practice preparing several meats. In my own way, I have my tailgate parties at home in my backyard.

Actually, I just slowed down and discovered the sports radio talk show. But, near the end of one portion of the show, Townsend started talking about quarterbacks, and what happens when a team has a bad quarterback.

Then, he used the Oakland Raiders as the example of what not to do. It made my eyebrows rise up, and my forehead wrinkle. I immediately set up my laptop on a table in the backyard, using my wireless network and started writing this article to fire back at Townsend.

Are you going to tell me that the Oakland Raiders are the only team with a quarterback problem and blackouts in 2009? I don't think so, although I will do the research to find out the facts.

Townsend's comment is another example of how personalities in the media attack the Oakland Raiders whenever and wherever they can.

The Raider Nation can help stop this massacre of the Oakland Raiders reputation. Come hell or high water, the ticket sells must go up, up, up in 2010. Let's do our best to give the Oakland Raiders the support they need so that the mouths of the media can be toned down if not silenced by a complete turnaround of outcomes.

So, the tiki lamp was flaming in my backyard, and so was my fiery personality.

Go Raiders! Give these media guys something else to talk about in 2010!

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