Oakland Raiders Tank Versus Titans in Music City Meltdown

     Trying to put a loss in perspective is really hard when you get blown out the way the Raiders were today. Some optimists will just simple shrug this loss off with things like, "We still have 15 more games to play", "This is the first real game that our new look team has played so they need time to gel", or "Our rookie center needs more snaps with Campbell." All of these things have truth to them however, as a fan who went to the game and sat there among a sea of titans fans watching my team get beat like Ike beat Tina, I'm not so willing to let this slide.  Just like we have been saying for the past 7 years, Raider fans get overly excited and full of blind optimism every year, not hoping but KNOWING that "this year" will be the "Year of the Raiders". I'm sorry guys but I don't NOW nor did EVER share that same blind optimism. I so very much want to say that our team sucks a$$ but that's not true. (I'm just pissed off right now). Our team has some definite possibilities but they also have some gaping holes to fix as well.

Special Teams 

     For instance, why in the hell is Yamon Figurs even on the team and also why is he returning kicks and punts when we have Johnnie Lee Higgins, Jacoby Ford and Nick Miller?  If one of our guys hadn't landed on the his fumbled ball, the titans would have gotten the ball deep in our endzone and scored in the first couple of minutes of the first quarter. Not only is he delegated as our sole returner but he also was the 3rd receiver. What in the hell has he done that was so special to warrant such responsibilities? 

Janikowski is normally very dependable from anywhere within 50 yards but he missed a field goal wide right that ordinarily he would make. It was obvious that the wind was blowing so I really don't understand why he didn't adjust for it.



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