Oakland Raiders: Take That Smile Off Rowdy’s Face, Get Ready to Fight!

There is no time to waste, Oakland Raiders. No more time for losing, Oakland Raiders.

Get ready to take that smile off Rowdy's face. Who is Rowdy? He is the mascot for the Dallas Cowboys.

Let's look at it another way. In 2009, the Oakland Raiders had a win-loss record of 5-11. The record for the Dallas Cowboys was 11-5 in 2009. It's time for a transformation to turn the results around.

Let me stretch your mind for a moment.

Let A    =   11     5

                 5    11

Now A(t) = 11     5

                  5    11

A is a matrix. Now in mathematics if you want a transformation to turn the outcome around, you use the transpose of A, by changing rows into columns. By the way, A is symmetric since A = A(t).

If the first row represents the win-loss record of the Dallas Cowboys and the second row represents the Oakland Raiders, then this is what we expect in 2010.

The rows will become columns, and therefore the win-loss record for the Oakland Raiders in 2010, under the transpose model, would be 11-5. In other words, the Oakland Raiders will have 11 wins and five losses.

Now notice that the transpose is the same as the original matrix. The meaning of the rows and columns are different. Now that things are going to be changed around by good play-calling, Oakland will have more wins than losses. Do you agree?

It goes like this: The preparation and practice will make such a big difference under Hue Jackson and others that the Oakland Raiders are going to cause a "transpose" of the data in 2010.

Now most of what can be done mathematically can ...

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