Oakland Raiders’ Symphony On The Playing Field

Sometimes literary people associate the qualities of a man or woman with those of an instrument or even an animal. A creative stretch to cite the qualities of the Oakland Raiders just might be informative and entertaining.

Do you remember when Eartha Kitt was like a "cat" who meowed and purred at her audiences in America and Europe. Well, let's take this discussion to a creative level.

Can you imagine the moan and groan of JaMarcus Russell as he realizes that now there is a talent pool of quarterbacks on the roster of the Oakland Raiders? Can we say he may sound like an angry big brown bear?

Now everyone knows that Sebastian Janikowski can kick like a "mule." His legs are strong and the trajectory in which the football travels is excellent. His accuracy is fantastic.

Who is our wide receiver who can run like a "leopard"? Is it Darrius Hayward-Bey? If he has the qualities of a leopard then here is what research reveals:

"A Leopard can run up to 45-50 mp/h, it is the third fastest animal in the world. The leopard can also leap huge distances, over 25 feet horizontally and more than 15 feet vertically."

But now let's see who can help us move from a "menagerie of talent" to a "symphony of victories" in 2010.

Our bassoons and trombones will be our defensive players. That could be Rolando McClain and others.

Our conductor will be Tom Cable, Hue Jackson, and the other coaches.

Who knows at this point, who will be our quarterback? Who will emerge as a leader among his peers on the Oakland Raiders' team? He would be someone who is energetic, with stamina, who is also smart, quick and agile.

We need a "trumpet" with a range from low to high, and movement from slow to fast. We need someone who can jump over the herd if necessary and run the playing field like a virtuoso's fingers run up and down the keyboard of a Grand piano.


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