Oakland Raiders: Switch “The Nasty” On and Off

Some folks in the Raider Nation want to bring back the "nasty" in the Oakland Raiders. Earlier this article was posted and it fell off the radar.

I dedicate this article to the young Oakland Raiders on the roster in 2010.

It is pertinent enough to be highly considered before the draft this month.

Let's just say that if we "bring back the nasty" aggressive, fearless, and daredevil type Oakland Raiders, let's hope they can turn their switches off, when they are off the football field.

The Article

There is a light switch in my office that is not predictable.  I flip it on, the light stays on for a while and then the light goes out.  Sometimes, the light is off, I think, but it comes back on. There is a shortage in the switch.  There is a poor connection.

Switching to an aggressive, fearless personality on the NFL football field and then flipping off that aspect of your personality to become a "kinder, gentler man" is not that easy for some of the NFL players.  Somehow, their switch gets broken, or it gets a shortage and trouble starts.

The violence may "flip on" in the club, at home or in the neighborhood.  Flashbacks of violence kick in; and a clean and clear legal record, "flips off."

NFL players, like military men, are trained to be a certain way.  Sometimes that conditioning is difficult to debrief or to flush out of a man's system. 

What is good behavior on a football field, is criminal behavior off the field.

So, there are conflicts, and paradoxes.  There are behavioral complexities. There is a need for research to restore and repair the "broken switches." 

One player tells another:  "Turn if off, man.  Cool down, we are not on the playing field."

A quote in a 1998 article makes it plain and clear:

''When you think about it, it is a str...

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