Oakland Raiders Super-Players Will Faceoff in 2010

Am I lucky or what? I was thinking about the 11 Oakland Raiders who will faceoff in the 2010 season. I got busy and googled Superman and found this picture showing exactly 11 images.

It was the best thing that happended to me this morning. I thought, we need our guys to perform somewhat like the Superman character over the years.

Let's have a little fun.

The Raider Nation needs an Oakland Raider to throw a football, accurately, fast and hard. A super-quarterback is what we need. Our quarterback must have the energy of a super hero.

The Raider Nation needs a man who can run and turn like a superman and get in position to receive the football. A super-wide receiver would be a great thing too.

We, the Raider Nation, need a man who can lift a car with one hand and hold it in place. So, we need an Oakland Raider who is strong and fast, to tackle and hold down the opponent.

We need a man with X-ray type vision, who can see the holes and move into position to get to the endzone. Would that be our super-running back?

We, the Raider Nation, need Oakland Raiders who are super-players on the playing field, but polite, kind men like, say, Clark Kent, off the field. We need men who can turn the aggression on and off, and who care for family, friends and community.

So who will Tom Cable select to fill the 11 positions on the starting line? Who will be the 11 faces of the 2010 Oakland Raiders?

Who would you pick? Who are the faces who will faceoff and defeat our opponents in a super style?

One article says of the Superman character,

"His alter ego is mild mannered Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent. Superman's abilities include: X-ray and heat vision, vast strength, speed and invulnerability, super intelligence, flight and the hitherto unknown ability to throw the 'S' symbol from his costume as a pl...

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