Oakland Raiders: Super Bowl Bound? The Team’s Mission Is To Sit Atop AFC West

They say revenge is a dish best served cold.

For seven long years Raider Nation has endured the bitter taste of defeat at the hands of almost every team in the NFL, particularly our hated division rivals.  This year, it is time to sit down, cleanse the palette, and prepare for an ice cold dinner.

It is still too early to predict Super bowl, or even Playoffs for the Raiders, but the idea seems to warm the soul a bit.  The fact that neither can be ruled out mid-season, for the first time in almost a decade, is a relief to say the least.

The recent annihilations of the Broncos and Seahawks, both highly ranked teams at the time we played them, is hopefully a sign of things to come.  Our upcoming game against Kansas City is a key moment, and could symbolize the return of the Raider Swagger. 

To examine our chances at playoffs, I will do a brief, and biased, prediction of the remaining 8 games of the season.

Week 9- Kansas City:

I despise the Chiefs to the core of my being.  I would love to see their faces in a shut out at the Black Hole Corral.  I doubt that will happen however.

Week 9 will be the tale of two Running Backs.  If Gradkowski comes back to start, which Cable indicates he will, Oakland will rely heavily on the uber-talented running game comprised of McFadden, Bush, and Reece.  K.C. will come right back at us with Jamal Charles.  I think it will be a competitive game, coming down to a couple of Janikowski boots.  After all, we can't let him get too rusty with all of these Touchdowns! 

 My prediction: 27-21 Oakland.

Week 11- @ Pittsburgh:

This is our hardest game.  Luckily it's after a much needed bye-week.  I think Campbell starts this one, after Bruce performs sub-par, and goes crazy.  Upward of 400 passing yards, 3 TD passes, 0 INTs.  Pr...

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