Oakland Raiders Still Show Some Areas of Concern

A Good Offseason, but Still Some Work To Do!

In my previous article , I documented all the positive steps Al Davis, Tom Cable, and the Raiders organization have taken to bring the team back to respectability.

In the final step of that article, I stated that the coaches and players had to bring all the new and improved pieces together into one cohesive unit for the process to truly be complete. That is a true, yet incomplete statement.

There are still some areas in which the Raiders must improve in order to complete the transformation from AFC doormat to playoff power. What follows is my take on what those areas are and how the Raiders might address them.

Veteran Leadership at Critical Positions.

The Raiders are one of the youngest teams in the league. This is a good thing in a lot of ways, but it has its drawbacks. The wide receiver position is one in particular that could greatly benefit from a wile old veteran. But, not just any veteran will do; it must be the right kind of player.

A lot of fans and experts are calling for the Raiders to sign Terrell Owens as a mentor for the very young Raiders receiving corps. This, in my mind, would not be the best idea. Owens is the classic Prima Donna and brings a lot of baggage and turmoil with him. The subsequent circus would undo a lot of the "team-first" attitude coach Cable has constructed and could be catastrophically counterproductive.

There are two options that would be better for the team.

The first is to do nothing and let the young guys learn and grow together with their new quarterback Jason Campbell. This would create a sense of camaraderie nonexistent before. It would take longer for them to develop, but would also make the receivers a closer unit and better teammates to each other, and the rest of the team.

The second option is to find the right man for the job. This hypothetical player may or ma...

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