Oakland Raiders Starting QBs Have Yet To Win a Game This Season

Leave it to the Raiders super optimist head coach Tom Cable to call their quarterback situation ideal.

Neither of the Raiders two wins were finished by the starting quarterback.

Jason Campbell started against the Rams, but Bruce Gradkowski finished that game.

Campbell wasn't playing terrible, but he wasn't playing great. Janikowski missed a field goal, and the Raiders choose to go for it on fourth and one and failed.

Had they converted on two field goal tries the Raiders would have been in the lead with Campbell under center. Gradkowski did come in and provide a spark of energy as the Raiders moved the ball better and won the game.

Gradkowski started against the Chargers, but Campbell finished. The Raiders took an early lead thanks to their defense and special teams, but could have increased that lead if Gradkowski was moving their offense.

Despite all the turnovers, Gradkowski was only able to lead the Raiders offense to 98 yards and six points in the first half, which was one yard more and one point less than one of Campbell's scoring drives in the second half.

Gradkowski may bring energy to the team and throw the ball down field, but he's been average and his decision making ability is questionable.

He refuses to slide, he refuses to come out of games when he is injured and that hurts the team. He also has shown he can be selfish.

After the Cardinals game, he admitted he should have called a timeout instead of trying to hurry the offense to the line so he could score on a QB sneak.

Because he didn't call a timeout, the Raiders received a delay of game penalty and settled for a field goal, instead of a touchdown from the one-yard line.

Campbell doesn't take many risks, and was never really given a chance to settle in with the offense. He looked good against the Chargers, but we don't really know if that is what he ...

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