Oakland Raiders’ Spirit Quickened and ‘Just Win Baby’ Becomes a Reality

Many fans called the Oakland Raiders' Nov. 7 win an ugly one.

Who cares how ugly is was? It was a win.

Most procedures and processes for healing and restoration are "ugly". Think of the process of surgery. It is ugly.

Think of the birth process of a beautiful baby. It is ugly. Think of the removal of a tumor. It is ugly, but healing occurs after the obstruction is removed.

Can you see the "pretty" in the "ugly"? Some of us can, by using pattern recognition.



1. At 00:03 in the fourth quarter, the Raiders kicked a field goal.

2. The field goal was a 41-yarder at 00:03!

3. A 33-yard field goal gave Oakland three points to win the game.

4. Three games went into overtime Nov. 7, each being won by three points.

5. Two of the games that went into overtime had final scores of 23-20, a three point difference.

6. The Oakland win Oct. 31 had a final score of 33-3.

7. A fan kept seeing 333 as the number of reads at two different moments Nov. 7. The fan used snipping tools and photobucket to capture the moment and posted the sight in the comment strand.

The pattern recognition is fascinating.

Guess what? The Oakland Raiders have three consecutive wins, a sequence that has quickened and livened the spirit of the fans and the team.

Go Raiders, go, go! Three times, a charm.

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