Oakland Raiders Show Heart In Last Minutes of Battle vs. Dallas Cowboys

With about 91.6 percent of the game over, and a big, fat zero on the scoreboard for  Oakland, the adrenalin must have been flowing for the Raiders. That's why, in traditional Oakland Raiders style, the team made those final few minutes count.

Sitting through three quarters with no touchdowns or field goals for the Oakland Raiders probably made most of the 72,282 fans present at the game feel good. The game was in Texas. 

But, the Oakland Raiders mustered up the wits and energy to get scores in the fourth quarter.

Those are the cliffhanger moments that many remember from the old days. It is an indication of the "fight" this 2010 team has. It is a observable indication of the Oakland Raiders "will" to win.

It's only a practice game. Nevertheless, it was a chance to practice having a fierce determination to win, even when the odds seem to be stacked against the team.

I am certain most fans expected more from Jason Campbell. At this point, he may need more time to get into the swing of things.

Here is a picture of some of the data from their preseason match:


One thing is clear. The efficiency of Jason Campbell was more than 50 percent less than that of Kyle Boller.

Yes, this was a practice game and the synergy has not been perfected, yet.

The Dallas Cowboys had possession of the ball for 32:78, while Oakland had it for 27:42.

The final thriller was the interception by Jerome Boyd in the last few seconds of the game. Can you imagine the noise those 72,282 fans made? No one would leave a game early during the tense action of those final moments on Aug. 12.

Raider Haters can blow their noses because I know they cried like a baby when the Oakland Raiders raged forward in victory, with a 17-9 final score.

Go Raiders!

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